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5 Ways to Make Your Programming Career a Success

Starting a programming career can be easy or stressing depending on your experience, knowledge and how you decide to go about it. If you are hoping to be a marketable programmer, it is important that you find some innovative ways to learn all the rules of programming and gain the experience needed. As a starter, it is likely you have some clue how difficult it is to succeed without top-notch competition. The truth is, even after graduating with a distinction, many programmers who are getting into the industry for the first time have a hard time finding ways to fully exploit their skills so that they can advance in the career.

If you want a way to make it to the top of the programming industry, here are some great tips that will get you there.

1. Know the principles of programming

Since the industry is so competitive, you don’t want to be one of those programmers who can’t be relied on when there is an emergency such as system failure. Often overlooked, knowing the principles of programming makes it easy for you to figure out solutions much quickly. The fact is, you can’t solve problems faster if you are not well acquainted with fundamentals such as program structure, variable naming and much more. If you want to be one of the most competitive developers in the future, I suggest that you look for Abelson’s book titled, Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs.

2. Choose a programming discipline and build on it

I guess you already know that programming is extensive and can get complicated at some point. The point is, you can’t be a general programmer. If you want your career to be a success, choose a programming discipline that you are comfortable with and build on it. Decide on what you want to develop whether it is web technologies (HTMLs/JavaScript/CSS or Server /PHP/Node.js/ASP.NET) or mobile apps (iOS/ Android/ Windows mobile). Another option is writing web applications (WinForms/.NET/WPF/C++). The point of doing this is to avoid confusion when advancing in your career.

3. Ensure that the language you’ve picked is related to your programming discipline

One mistake many programmers who are still learning make, is trying to understand several languages while their discipline requires them to get used to one language. For example, you won’t benefit by learning COBOL if your discipline is web development. The fact is it will be hard for you to figure out solutions. So, instead of wasting time doing research on other unnecessary languages, select a language that relates to your discipline and research to know everything about it.

4. Engage in many projects

The trick in becoming a successful developer is, having the experience, and you can’t gain this without handling more projects. You need to challenge yourself more often. You can decide to work as a volunteer for any non-profit institution to help them develop a software they require in their organization. Doing this will help you get exposed to how it feels to build a useful application. Also, you will learn the basic practices such as documentation and version control. Lastly, it will be a great trick to finding an experience to include in your curriculum vitae.

5. Struggle to become better

As mentioned earlier, programming industry is competitive. If you can’t work towards becoming better, it will be hard to convince your targeted clients that you are one of the best. So, look for ways to better yourself. Create problems and learn how to solve them. You can make it a hobby to do it in your spare time. Also, ask a lot of questions. I would suggest that you befriend an experienced programmer. Let him create problems for you to solve and ask questions where you are stuck. Doing this will make you one of the most competitive developers in the industry.

The greatest trick in making your programming career success is figuring out a discipline you can handle so well and to work on it. One thing programmers are bad at is to keep themselves fit. I’m a firm believer that programmers should do more exercise. Check out Mi40 vs Mi40X website. Read our new blog on workouts for programmers. Sign up for one of those, and get yourself healthy and ready to code! Keep in mind; clients are always looking for programmers they can rely on when there is a huge problem. So, if you are not good on what you claim to be well acquainted with, some of them will label you as a scam, and that is the last thing you want. So, use the tips above to follow your career path successfully.


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